Sauerkraut dishes for vegetarian

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Vinaigrette with sauerkraut

My family loves vinaigrette with sauerkraut. Usually I cut cabbage with a short strips - so it is more convenient, and the salad looks more beautiful. If desired, cucumbers can not be added to the vinaigrette, it all depends on your taste preferences.

Vinaigrette with green onions and garlic

A light salad of boiled vegetables can be prepared differently. Someone loves more salty or sharper, and someone likes just a classic recipe. I propose to try vinaigrette with green onions and garlic. It can be served with pasta, fish or meat.

Vegeterian dishes with sauerkraut - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

The cabbage is grown for so long that it is no longer possible to establish, to whom such an idea came to mind. The type of variety has acquired a more familiar type of variety today, presumably in England. There were always dishes with sauerkraut. Such a technology was used in China about 2 thousand years ago to extend the shelf life of the vegetable.

The cabbage was cut, soaked in salty solution - and in the process it secreted natural acid, the best natural preservative. As you can see, since then the technology has not changed much, except that more tricks and variations have appeared. Caquelled cabbage dishes are very useful, especially for those who monitor sugar levels. And all because in the process of fermentation it is processed into acid.

Such cabbage is useful for digestion, contains a lot of fiber and beneficial bacteria. Cumbly cozard dishes are included in a series of medical diets. These are mainly all kinds of salads and snacks. But you can add it to hot dishes - in cabbage soup and soups, stewed vegetables, to meat or into the filling. It goes well with apples and sour berries. Dumplings and pies are made with her.