Chickpeas from chickpeas for vegeters

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Salad with chickpeas, vegetables and feta

This vegetable salad with chickpeas is light and fresh, but at the same time very satisfying. So that the chickpeas boil better and faster, soak it overnight in cold water. Otherwise, the recipe does not cause any trouble.

Khumus from canned chickpeas

If you want to cook Humus, start with this simple recipe. From canned chickpeas, a traditional snack is prepared easier and faster. When serving, the mass is laid out on a wide plate, and bread and cakes are used instead of devices.

Nutot vegetarian dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

In addition to beans and peas, the chickpeas are increasingly found in stores - another bean from the Mediterranean countries. It is tasty and nutritious, so it is great for hearty side dishes and thick soups. Generations, canned foods and chores are made from it. It is added to salads and snacks, because it is good both hot and cold. It is from chickpeas that the traditional Humus and Falafel are made.

In the east, it has been known for more than 7 thousand years, and in our latitudes began to gain popularity in the 18th century. For the preparation of chickpeas, two main types are used: small Indian and large European. It is not only green, but still black and white, and is sold in dried form. Quick -cooking flakes, blanks for vegetarian cutlets and other semi -finished products are made from it.

To taste, chickpea dishes resemble a mixture of peas and nuts, but nothing in common with beans. If you knead it in mashed potatoes, it will look like potato. Due to the high protein content, chickpeas are recommended for a vegetarian diet and proper nutrition. But there are practically no fats in it!