Vanilin dishes for vegeters

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Vegan pancakes

For this recipe, sugar and eggs are not needed, and oatmeal is used instead of ordinary milk. It is better to fry pancakes in a dry pan or with the addition of a small amount of oil. Instead of honey, you can use sucrotor.

Dense jam from plums without bones

Povido from the drain according to this recipe is thick, fragrant and very tasty. It can be spread on bread, served to various desserts, or can be used for filling in sweet pastries. A real treat from a minimum of simple products!

Lenten cake Brownie

Even your favorite desserts can be adapted to a lean diet - the modern choice of alternatives and substitutes allows you to do this. Moreover, this may not be the simplest desserts. For example, lean brownie. Children and adults will be delighted!

Marshmallows on Aquafab

The plus of a marshmallow is not only in its taste and lightness, but also in the fact that in fact it can be prepared using a variety of technologies. For example, such a marshmallow on aquapab is suitable even for those who adhere to a post or a vegetarian diet. No eggs!

Carrot jam for the winter

You probably know that from carrots a beautiful filling for pies and whole carrot cupcakes are obtained. And today I propose to try to cook jam from it. I guarantee that both children and adults will be delighted!

Chocolate mousse from avocado

Chocolate mousse from avocado - sounds peculiarly and looks very unusual. But at the same time, it is original, tasty, healthy, and also the most simple dessert. So I advise you to take a chance and try at least once. You may like it too!

Vanilin vegetarian dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

The fragrant vanilla liked the culinary specialists around the world so that over time, even an artificial substitute created for her. Vanilin is practically no different, except that it is more affordable both in prevalence and in cost. And it also completely dissolves in the liquid, so it is convenient to add it to drinks, creams and dough.

The chemist Nicolas Glaus discovered a unique substance in the middle of the 19th century during the evaporation of natural vanilla extract. After incomplete 20 years, another scientist managed to determine the structure of the new substance and reproduce it artificially. So the era of industrial production began. In the recipes, Vanilin easily replaces whole pods, but you do not need to spend time cleaning it and wiping it.

It is sold in any departments with spices. Vanilin found the widespread use in confectionery - for the flavoring of baking, chocolate, sweets, ice cream and other sweets. It is added to bakery products, creams, sauces, impregnations, syrups and jam. But do not add too much vanillin, otherwise your dish will be bitter!