Dishes with wine vinegar for vegeters

8 recipes
Korean carrots with Asaphite, ginger and nutmeg

Surprise your family with unusual Korean carrots. In this recipe, the usual garlic is replaced by asaphetide and there is absolutely no burning pepper. Such a snack is perfectly stored in the refrigerator for several days and over time it only becomes better.

Sandwich with pesto and guacamole

A great option for lovers of greenery. Further in the recipe you will learn how to prepare both the main ingredients of these sandwiches - Pesto and Guacamole. You will need a blender, and everything is much simpler than it seems.

Carrot in Korean with wine vinegar

It is difficult to imagine a feast without this popular snack. Each housewife has his own recipe, proven for years. I like to cook carrots with wine vinegar. The taste is softer, and the dish is juicier. Although much, of course, depends on the vegetable itself.

Pickled oils for the winter

It is difficult to find a person who does not like canned forest mushrooms. Such a workpiece is the center of attention on the festive table. Prepare the mushrooms correctly and enjoy the excellent taste of snacks without risk to health. I share a recipe for pickled oils.

Georgian Phali with Greens

Phali from greenery instantly attract attention with one bright color. And thanks to nuts and spices in the composition, the taste is impressive no less. When serving, I prefer to decorate these Georgian balls with grenade grains.

Red cabbage with onions

Red cabbage even turns the simplest salads into a real festive dish. For color contrast, I propose to use green onions. And if desired, you can add a handful of canned corn or finely chopped red pepper.

Vinaigrette with pickled onions

A little free time and imagination - and now the usual vinaigrette turns into an exquisite treat! At the same time, the classic set of products does not change, and a crispy pickled beam gives the vinaigrette piquancy and original taste.

Beetroot Phali

Phali is the most popular Georgian snack that is preparing from simple ingredients. The main vegetable or herbs is taken, and its taste is complemented by nuts and spices. I share a great recipe for bright and spectacular Phali from beets!

Vegetarian dishes with wine vinegar - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Among all the variety of vinegar, dishes with wine vinegar are separately worth. It was used even in ancient Egypt, as the first preservative and a disinfection tool. Now, on its basis, marinades for fish and meat are made, salad dressings, sauces for seafood and pasta. It is indispensable in Asian cuisine, it goes well with noodles and fried or stewed vegetables.

Do not combine it only with potatoes, legumes and sour -milk products - this is fraught with unexpected reactions. White and red types are added to dishes with wine vinegar - it depends on the grape variety. From apple, they differ in production technology - the wine is brought to the stage of fermentation and oxidizes. The difference with grape is that it does not go wine, but cake, sugar and water.

The closest thing is by the principle of manufacturing a balsamic, but Balzamik should first brew in barrels, and several years. Because of this, it is thicker and more piquant. But dishes with wine vinegar are more universal and neutral - for those who do not like sharpness in food!