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Vegetarian salad with avocado and chia seeds

A healthy, tasty and light salad, the preparation of which takes a matter of minutes. Juicy vegetables contribute to the fact that Chia seeds quickly swell, so you will not have to wait long. Just prepare the ingredients, mix and proceed to the meal!

Vegetable soup with greens

Vegetable soups-puree are healthy, tasty and very easily prepared. And this is a great way to feed children with the necessary and important products that they refuse to eat. Be sure to add a little greenery for beautiful color and decorate the dish with nuts or seeds.

Salad with turnips, carrots and apple

It is difficult to come up with an even faster and simplest dish than this salad with carrots, apple and turnip. At the same time, this combination is very tasty and universal. You can serve it with honey and sugar, or you can - with greens, linen seeds, cottage cheese and nuts.

Frying tofu salad and vegetables

Add fresh vegetables and a fragrant dressing to fried tofu - and now the salad is ready. I advise you to experiment with culinary traditions and take something unusual for Asian cuisine. For example, avocado!

Pumpkin smoothie with chia seeds

You can talk as much as you like that smoothie is just a fashion trend. But besides, it is also a very convenient and useful snack in a glance. And personally, I am no longer ready to refuse them. I share my favorite recipe for pumpkin smoothie!

Pumpkin-crust-puree soup

Carrots and pumpkin soup instantly attracts attention with a bright and rich color. Perhaps no nutritional supplements will give such colors. Before serving, decorate it with greens, pumpkin seeds and chili flakes.

Green tomatoes in Korean

Green tomatoes in Korean are a simple snack that is prepared from available products. If desired, you can make it slightly piquant or as acute as possible with garlic and red pepper.

Cherry salad with beets and tomatoes

Among all salads with beets - this one has become one of my favorites. The main thing is to choose a sweet aromatic root crop and the same sweet tomatoes. If there is no cherry, cocktails are suitable, but I advise you not to take the large ones. Optionally, decorate the salad with nuts.

Vinaigrette with corn

If you want to change the classic vinaigrette a little, then try to make it with corn. And so that the ingredients of the salad turn out to be bright and do not paint in the same red color - knead the beets with oil separately.

Lenten salad

When many guests are gathering at the table, there are certainly adherents of a healthy diet. I advise you to find out in advance the taste preferences of everyone and think over the menu. A good option would be lean olivier. Such a salad is prepared with lean mayonnaise, without eggs and sausages.

Fresh vegetables with mushrooms on skewers

An ordinary vegetable cut can be served fresh and original. And also - supplement it with those ingredients that we undeservedly ignore. And in a beautiful and convenient design, skewers will always help you - an invaluable tool in the kitchen.

Pickled cucumbers with circles

Most recipes for salty and pickled cucumbers are the workpieces for the winter. For a variety, I want to offer you an express version of fast cucumbers with circles for a festive table or picnic. They remain crispy, but at the same time turn out to be very piquant.

Corn salad and Beijing cabbage

Beijing cabbage with corn - a combination, win -win on all points: tasty, beautiful, also crunchs pleasy. I propose to dilute all this with a sweetish purple onion and fragrant freshly ground pepper.

Pears and apples

If you like jam and thick jams-catch an excellent recipe for apple-breast jam. It always turns out to be almost homogeneous, because in these fruits there is a lot of pectin - a natural thickener.

Khumus from canned chickpeas

If you want to cook Humus, start with this simple recipe. From canned chickpeas, a traditional snack is prepared easier and faster. When serving, the mass is laid out on a wide plate, and bread and cakes are used instead of devices.

Tomato salad with onions and basil

Sometimes in pursuit of experiments and variety we forget about the time -tested classics. Such a salad will certainly decorate the festive table, supplement the barbecue on a picnic or potatoes with chopping for dinner.

Buckwheat with mushrooms in pots

If you love buckwheat with mushrooms, be sure to at least once try to bake it in pots. It remains crumbly, but even better soaked in juices and aromas. It turns out much tastier than in a pan or even in a cauldron.

Baked apples with dried fruits

Baked apples are a favorite childhood treat for many. But why forget about him? I propose to prepare a delicious and beautiful dessert from baked apples with dried fruits. For decoration, cinnamon sticks and stars of the Badyan are ideal.

Pickled pepper

This simple salad is preparing in a matter of minutes, perfectly raises your appetite and decorates any table with one look. Separately, I recommend preparing it on a picnic, because it will not deteriorate and will not be weathered from what will stand in the air a little longer.

Potato salad with mushrooms

Most salads with potatoes and mushrooms are similar to each other. Today I want to tell you how to diversify such a simple and everyday dish. Try it yourself! I am sure that you will like it too!

Culinary recipes for vegetarians with photos - simple and tasty!

The hardest thing when searching for vegetarian recipes is finding something that is really clear and detailed. Especially if you have recently become a vegetarian and are preparing such dishes for the first time, and still have no idea what the result should be in the end. Uncertain quantities of ingredients, complex processes, lack of time guidelines - all this can kill enthusiasm in the bud. That is why on my website I collect step-by-step recipes with photos and all the details of each stage of preparation. This is much more convenient and easier even for experienced cooks, let alone beginners! You no longer have to figure out the details yourself and doubt the future result!

I will tell you about recipes for vegetarian dishes for all occasions and you will understand that even plant foods have a lot of recipes and tastes. Hundreds of quick and easy recipes, first courses, main courses, salads, appetizers, desserts and baked goods - each recipe comes with a photo of the finished dish. And each new step is described in detail down to the smallest detail. My goal is to collect not just a large catalog of culinary recipes, but a lot of really useful and practical instructions for vegetarians like me!