Cooking recipes for vegetarians

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Japanese mochi cakes

Japanese cakes are dietary in themselves. In the traditional recipe for the dough, rice flour, water and sugar are used. If you eat the right food, replace the sugar with the sweetener and select the most useful filling, in this case, fresh strawberries.

Peking cabbage and fresh vegetables

When there are fresh vegetables at hand, preparing this delicious salad is very simple. Moreover, you can serve it to anything: for fish, meat, porridge, mashed potatoes or pasta. And if you are on a diet, a vegetable salad should be in your diet!

Beetroot Phali

Phali is the most popular Georgian snack that is preparing from simple ingredients. The main vegetable or herbs is taken, and its taste is complemented by nuts and spices. I share a great recipe for bright and spectacular Phali from beets!

Cucumbers and avocado salad with egg

This light salad is a real storehouse of vitamins on your table! An unusually useful and nutritious dish will be appreciated by people who care about their health. It will take no more than half an hour for cooking, and the recipe is so simple that even a child will cope with it.

Green salad with cucumbers and purple onions

The simplest home recipe for every day, a festive table or picnic. The salad turns out to be very bright and beautiful, but is prepared literally in a few minutes - it is enough to cut the cucumbers, tomatoes and onions, and everything is ready!

Jam from apples and lingonberries

If you do not like jam and jams for sugary sweetness - this recipe is specifically for you. Choose acidic apples, complement them with a natural tart sourness of lingonberries - and you will get continuous pleasure.

Lenten borsch with millet

Borsch with millet is the most satisfying and thick recipe in my arsenal, despite the fact that it is lean. I do not cook it too often, but I still love it very much. On the one hand, it looks like a classic one, and on the other, with its own highlight. Try it yourself!

Light vinaigrette with beans

For this vegetable salad you will need a standard set of products that are in every house. Even an inexperienced mistress can easily cope with the task. I share a simple recipe for my beloved vinaigrette with beans!

Vinaigrette with green peas and beans

I really love and often cook vegetable salads. They can be served to meat, fish or as the main dish for a snack. Today I am sharing the recipe for vinaigrette with peas and beans. If you have dry beans, soak it in advance and boil it in salted water.


Did you notice that sometimes the vinaigrette on the table looks more beautiful and brighter? Each vegetable has its own color and even potatoes remain light. The secret is lurking in the sequence of adding oil. I tell a simple recipe for how to cook such a salad!

Funchose salad, Korean carrots and cucumbers

Have you tried cooking funchose dishes? Since glass noodles have a neutral taste, it is often added to various salads. I advise you to cook noodles according to the instructions on the packaging, although in most cases it is enough just pour boiling water.

Toasts with avocado

Toasts with avocado can be both a wonderful light and useful breakfast, and a delicate snack on the festive table. Try, and avocado will become a frequent guest in your diet!

The best recipe for zucchini caviar for the winter

Classical zucchini caviar is the same “overseas” delicacy. In fact, this is a cool universal workpiece that will perfectly complement any family dinner or festive table. Feel free to serve the finished snack with meat, side dish or just with bread.

Carrot cake

If you try at least a piece of carrot cake, then fall in love with it forever! Stunning air dough, enchanting aroma and beautiful warm color. Is this not the most important for dessert? Catch my favorite recipe.

Zucchini in Korean

Of all the vegetables, zucchini is one of the most successful to cook them in the Korean style. They are perfectly cut on the same grater, retain the shape of thin strips and do not fall apart. So it turns out not only tasty, but also aesthetically!

Vinaigrette with lemon dressing

If you are not enough sour cucumbers, prepare a vinaigrette with a dressing of lemon juice. The ingredients can be added immediately to vegetables or knead the refueling separately. Here is already at your discretion, it turns out delicious in both versions!

Fast recipe for potatoes in a nervous

Today I will tell you a quick recipe for potatoes in a bore. It will need a little butter, salt, ground pepper and small potatoes. It depends on its size and how quickly the dish will prepare.

Mushrooms with greens in Korean

Everything is clear with Korean carrots. But did you know that you can cook your favorite mushrooms with greens in the same way? I tell you how to prepare them correctly, what to add and what proportions to focus so that the snack is as tasty as possible.

Fresh salad with Beijing cabbage and radish

In the season of vegetables, I really want to have time to enjoy this variety of tastes. The easiest way is to prepare different salads daily. I propose to expand the assortment of familiar dishes and prepare a fresh salad with radish and Beijing cabbage.


Such a simple and ingenuous salad very quickly became our family favorite. Beijing cabbage does not even need to be kneaded as ordinary. Take fresh onion or glue it as desired. And if you want to add refueling, I recommend a fat sour cream.

Culinary recipes for vegetarians with photos - simple and tasty!

The hardest thing when searching for vegetarian recipes is finding something that is really clear and detailed. Especially if you have recently become a vegetarian and are preparing such dishes for the first time, and still have no idea what the result should be in the end. Uncertain quantities of ingredients, complex processes, lack of time guidelines - all this can kill enthusiasm in the bud. That is why on my website I collect step-by-step recipes with photos and all the details of each stage of preparation. This is much more convenient and easier even for experienced cooks, let alone beginners! You no longer have to figure out the details yourself and doubt the future result!

I will tell you about recipes for vegetarian dishes for all occasions and you will understand that even plant foods have a lot of recipes and tastes. Hundreds of quick and easy recipes, first courses, main courses, salads, appetizers, desserts and baked goods - each recipe comes with a photo of the finished dish. And each new step is described in detail down to the smallest detail. My goal is to collect not just a large catalog of culinary recipes, but a lot of really useful and practical instructions for vegetarians like me!