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Cabbage salad and apples

Cabbage for the winter can be cooked with any other vegetables. And even with fruits! I offer my crown recipe for salad with carrots, apples and aromatic spices. A great option to diversify the everyday diet.

Peking cabbage salad, walnuts and grenade

The diet can be tasty if you add more fresh vegetables and fruits. A good option would be a salad of Beijing cabbage, walnuts and grenade. An amazingly appetizing and simple dish. Add spices to your liking.

Jam from apples and drain

Apple jam will sparkle with new tastes if you cook it in tandem with plums. A dense, fragrant, beautiful saturated color can be served with tea or used as a filling for pies and pies. I recommend cooking, it will come in handy in winter!

Salad with green apples and celery

This recipe will adequately fit into a collection of dietary salads for fans of proper nutrition. There are a lot of vitamins in green apples and celery, but there are practically no calories. Thanks to the nuts, the salad acquires useful fats and becomes more satisfying.

Green smoothie

The golden rule of compiling ideal combinations of the smoothie - compilation of them according to the colors of the ingredients! Firstly, it never fails. Secondly, it turns out not only tasty, but also beautiful. I love dietary green smoothies most of all.

Tern and apples jam

Tern is a real storehouse of vitamins and trace elements, which is widely used for various blanks. Today I share a simple recipe for fragrant thorns with tender slices of fruits, pleasant sourness and tart aftertaste. Delicious!

Fruit ice

Fruit ice - salvation for all lovers of ice cream, who monitor the figure. But in the store there are still a lot of sugar, dyes and other unnecessary additives. I tell you how to cook it at home on your own.

Dry jam from apples in the oven

I want to share the recipe for a unique “dry” apple jam. Apple slices baked and dried in the oven have the taste of real jam. Such a treat flies instantly in winter! In a family where there are children, such a workpiece must be!

Transparent jam from apples with slices

The secret of transparent apple jam is in short multiple cooking. At the same time, your active participation will need very little - most of the time jam is infused. Be sure to try, this is an incredible treat beautiful and very tasty!

Tomatoes with apples for the winter

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is the time to collect late varieties of tomatoes and their harvesting for the winter. Today I want to offer you an interesting recipe for tomatoes canned with apples. It turns out very tasty and fragrant. I advise you to choose small dense tomatoes.

Fill of apples and raspberries for the winter

In my family, a compote of apples and raspberries is a favorite among such blanks. This incredibly aromatic drink is perfectly stored all winter, and the longer it costs, the more saturated and tastier it becomes. We use both on the festive table and for every day.

Ketchup from tomatoes and apples for the winter

If you at least once prepare a home ketchup, the desire to buy a sauce in the store will definitely disappear. Very tasty and fragrant, this ketchup can even be children! To the potatoes, barbecue, any side dish - but what the soul wishes! The recipe is simple, and the ingredients are affordable.

Muffins without gluten

The most diverse muffins can be adapted to any preferences and needs. For example, they are very easy to cook without gluten. This is a good option for those who avoid it, and for everyone who just likes to try something new.

Ajika with apples for the winter

Surely every housewife has his own, beloved, Adjika recipe. If you are looking for something new, fast and simple, this recipe is specifically for you! Today we will prepare a sharp adjika with apples for the winter - an excellent addition to meat and all kinds of side dishes.

Pastil from Feihoa in a dryer

Treating with tea can be not only tasty, but also useful. One of these goodies is home pastille prepared in a dryer. Its second advantage is that you can take anything as the main ingredient. For example, Feihoa.

Lenten charlotte

In this recipe, eggs and milk are not used. Nevertheless, a lean charlotte is very tasty. Many prepare it even if there is no need to limit themselves in nutrition. Try this recipe and you will replenish the ranks of its fans.

Carrots, apples and raisins

This salad with carrots, apples and raisins is difficult to call exquisite or festive, but I love it for simplicity. A great option for a quick and useful breakfast for the whole family. Moreover, it goes so well with a cup of cocoa and is suitable even for children!

Salad Salsa with apples and mangoes

Salsa is a traditional Mexican sauce of chopped tomatoes with other vegetables and spices. But it is served not in the form of liquid sauces that are familiar to us, but rather in the form of a salad. I propose to combine the Mexican traditions with European ones, and prepare such an unusual fusion made of mangoes and apples.

Salad with celery, apples and radish

In such a simple at first glance, the salad mixed with the features of such different culinary traditions. The result was a completely new and unusual dish of celery, radishes and apples. It will adorn the festive table and diversify the everyday diet. Be sure to try it if you follow the proper nutrition.

Baked apples with raisins and cinnamon

Apples, raisins and cinnamon are often found in baking and cottage cheese desserts. But why not cook them separately, without something superfluous? For example, you can bake them in the oven, and then I will tell in detail how to do it correctly.

Vegetry dishes from apples - recipes with photos (step by step)

The number of modern varieties of apples is calculated by thousands - for any climatic and geographical conditions. They are distinguished by taste, color and fruit size, ripening timing, and the specifics of agricultural technology. But they all remain the very apples that we love so much and see on the shelves every day. Iron, healthy acids, vitamins - all this are rich in apples from apples! In cooking, apples are used literally as you like.

Juices, mashed potatoes, baby food, desserts, fillings, side dishes, pastille, jam and compotes - these are just a small list of applications. From apples, tinctures, films, wine, sidr and kvass are made, thick jelly is boiled, dried, soaked and quarreled. Baked apples with sugar or honey is a favorite children's treat. For delicate sourness or juicy sweet, apples are added to salads, soups, sauerkraut and other vegetables.

Among the dishes from apples, one cannot help but mention the fruit stuffed with fruit with a blond crust. Fruits are combined with chicken, turkey, duck and goose meat. An ideal product for all occasions!