Vegetarian'srugula dishes

9 recipes
Fox salad and pumpkin

The pumpkin season is the very time when you want to use it everywhere. It is very tasty and fragrant, and what is one of its appetizing color! This time I propose to cook a pumpkin with mushrooms. And not just with mushrooms, but with the same bright orange foxes!

Salad with green apples and celery

This recipe will adequately fit into a collection of dietary salads for fans of proper nutrition. There are a lot of vitamins in green apples and celery, but there are practically no calories. Thanks to the nuts, the salad acquires useful fats and becomes more satisfying.

Salad with fresh beets and grapefruit

Fresh beets and grapefruit - even sounds fantastic. But in practice, it turns out a very tasty, unusual and healthy salad that will definitely appeal to fans of diets and proper nutrition. I advise you to use tires for cutting.

Vegetarian pizza

From juicy tomatoes, olives and olives you can prepare a wonderful vegetarian pizza. I propose to knead the dough on yeast and olive oil, and grease the finished cake with tomato and pesto sauce. The taste will turn out to be complex, saturated and harmonious.

Fresh vegetable salad with crab sticks

To make an ordinary fresh vegetable salad tastier and more satisfying, add some more interesting ingredient. For example, crab sticks. It will turn out very tasty, and also quickly. Great choice if you do not have time at all.

Light salad of tomatoes and greens

Every day I try to include fresh vegetables in my diet. It is tasty, useful and on the table they always look very beautiful. I tell a simple recipe for light lettuce with tomatoes and all kinds of greens!

Pickled pepper

This simple salad is preparing in a matter of minutes, perfectly raises your appetite and decorates any table with one look. Separately, I recommend preparing it on a picnic, because it will not deteriorate and will not be weathered from what will stand in the air a little longer.

Frying tofu salad and vegetables

Add fresh vegetables and a fragrant dressing to fried tofu - and now the salad is ready. I advise you to experiment with culinary traditions and take something unusual for Asian cuisine. For example, avocado!

Fig and Feta salad

The most difficult thing in this salad is to choose the right beautiful and high -quality fig. Its main feature is a pleasant sweet aroma. The skin should be intact, smooth and not too soft. And with arugula and Feta you should not have problems.

Vegetarian vehicles from arugula - recipes with photos (step by step)

Such habitual dishes with arugula today actually appeared recently. The plant itself has been known for centuries, but its beneficial food properties have discovered only a few decades ago. Later it was possible to establish that decoctions from arugula were widespread in ancient Egypt, and spices based on it in Rome. Then she was appreciated for a complex taste with walnut and mustard notes.

Big fans of therugula - the British of the 16th century. But closer to our years, for some reason, she was forgotten. However, the fashion is cyclical, and now it is served in every restaurant! It is difficult to call arugula universal greens because of its specific taste-after all, not everyone will like it. Nevertheless, this is a common basis for vegetable and meat salads. It is combined with fish, cheeses and fruits.

It is often used as a seasoning, and ready -made hot dishes are sprinkled with it. In Italy, pizza and paste are also adorned with arugula. And if you need to soften the bitter taste of arugula - add a little balmic, lemon juice or olive oil!