Basilica dishes for vegeters

17 recipes
Smoothies from tomatoes

If you do not like fresh vegetables too much, smoothie can become a good way out of the situation. This is a completely different format - tasty, convenient and very useful. One of my favorite vegetable recipes is a smoothie from tomatoes. I tell you more!

Baked vegetables and mushrooms

This recipe takes a little time, because the vegetables and mushrooms for it first need to be baked. So that they get ready faster, I propose to immediately cut them thinner and put them into a baking sheet in one layer.

Ketchup from gooseberry for the winter

Ketchup can be not only from tomatoes! This simple recipe will help prepare an unusual sweet and sour berry sauce. Today we will prepare a spicy homemade ketchup from ... gooseberries! Ideal to meat dishes and baked bird. The gourmets will definitely appreciate!

Vegetarian pizza

From juicy tomatoes, olives and olives you can prepare a wonderful vegetarian pizza. I propose to knead the dough on yeast and olive oil, and grease the finished cake with tomato and pesto sauce. The taste will turn out to be complex, saturated and harmonious.

Dolmio sauce at home for the winter

If you like Italian cuisine, then this recipe is specifically for you. I propose to prepare for the winter the delicious Saus Dolmio, which is perfect for paste, pizza and climbing. Dolmio, cooked at home - the best alternative to store sauces!

Star in Georgian

The most kitchens of the world are in the most part of the world, because in fact it is just stew with vegetables. What could be simpler and more universal? I really love Georgian stew, because it turns out to be brighter, spicy and piquant. I tell you!

Pesto sauce for the winter

Of course, in our time fresh greens can be found in supermarkets at any time of the year. But still, at the height of the season, it is especially tasty and fragrant. Therefore, I like to stock up in advance to blanks of my favorite dishes in order not to deny myself anything in winter.

Classic tomato soup-puree

This delicious and healthy tomato pure soup is good both hot and cold. Once preparing this dish according to a classic Italian recipe, you can easily achieve new tastes, adding various ingredients.

Minestron with broccoli

Italy gave the world not only a delicious pizza, but also the mouth -watering soup of Minestron. Preparing it surprisingly simple. The main thing is to observe the two most important rules: to cut the vegetables finely and cook from beginning to end in a Kazan.

Tomato soup-puree

Classic tomato soup will delight all tomato lovers. I advise you to serve it with crackers and decorate it with a twig of the basil. You can add cream or sour cream, and be sure to experiment with spices to taste.

Lenten stew with colored cabbage

During fasting, it is best to cook light vegetable dishes. Today I propose an interesting recipe for lean stew with cauliflower. Inflorescences are pre -boiled in salted water, so you will not have to extinguish the stew for a long time.

Canapes with tomatoes and basil

Canapes with tomatoes and basil have a lot of advantages. Firstly, they will suit even strict vegetarians who do not eat not only meat, but also milk. Secondly, even without sauces and additives, they do not seem at all dry and fresh thanks to sweet juicy cherry.

Lenten sauce is pesto

I love this pesto sauce, including for the fact that it can be safely prepared in fasting. In addition, he suits even adherents of a hard vegan diet, so no surprises and surprises. Today I will share with you my favorite recipe.

Sandwords with avocado and chili

If you do not like complex solutions and many different ingredients mixed, a sandwich with avocados and chili flakes - exactly what you need. I advise you to add a little sea salt, sesame seeds and greens to taste.

Tomato salad with onions and basil

Sometimes in pursuit of experiments and variety we forget about the time -tested classics. Such a salad will certainly decorate the festive table, supplement the barbecue on a picnic or potatoes with chopping for dinner.

Zucchini in Korean

Of all the vegetables, zucchini is one of the most successful to cook them in the Korean style. They are perfectly cut on the same grater, retain the shape of thin strips and do not fall apart. So it turns out not only tasty, but also aesthetically!

Pickled tomatoes in 30 minutes

Such an appetizing snack will be appropriate everywhere. Prepare a double portion, because everyone will require the supplement! In addition, pickled tomatoes are perfectly stored in the refrigerator for several days. To do this, you need a container with a densely closed lid.

Vegetry dishes with basil - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

A fragrant and fragrant basil is an Italian’s business card. Although this plant is used as greens and spices around the world, it spread from India and Iran generally. The very name of the basil means “royal”, and this fully reflects with what reverence to it was treated in ancient Greece. The whole variety of varieties for convenience is divided into green and purple, and the first is softer and more tender, and the latter is more aromatic.

There are varieties with pepper, lemon, puffy, anise and even caramel notes. This makes dishes with basil strikingly diverse - from desserts and drinks for meat and fish. Fresh basil is added to vegetable salads, especially with tomatoes. It goes well with soft brine cheese, will be appropriate in soups and vegetable stews, harmonizes with beans and other legumes. From greens, basil is traditionally mixed with spinach and leaf salad.

It is added to pate, snacks, marinades and sauces. And also - dried and used as an ordinary spice. To prepare fresh dishes with basil, it is recommended not to cut it with a knife, but to tear it with your hands!