Broccoli dishes for vegeters

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Broccoli puree soup with mint

Broccoli soup is very good in itself with its expressive taste and bright rich color. But it can be made even more interesting! It is enough to add a little fragrant greens and especially mint! Serve a dish with croutons or crackers.

Pizza with broccoli

Fans of vegetable pizza will definitely like such a broccoli recipe. Just keep in mind that its inflorescences are better to weld a little in advance. Pizza is baked very quickly, and they can remain too tough and hard.

Broccoli and Kinoa salad

Recently, on the shelves of supermarkets, you can find a useful superfood - Kinoa. It is added to soups, salads and confectionery. Today I share with you a delicious salad with broccoli and Kinoa. It is suitable for everyone who is interested in proper nutrition!

Minestron with broccoli

Italy gave the world not only a delicious pizza, but also the mouth -watering soup of Minestron. Preparing it surprisingly simple. The main thing is to observe the two most important rules: to cut the vegetables finely and cook from beginning to end in a Kazan.

Broccoli and carrot vegetable soup

Such a light vegetable soup perfectly raises the mood with one look. Yes, and how to resist bright green and orange colors! The plus is that it can be prepared not only from fresh carrots and broccoli, but also from frozen mixtures.

Cucumbers and avocado salad with egg

This light salad is a real storehouse of vitamins on your table! An unusually useful and nutritious dish will be appreciated by people who care about their health. It will take no more than half an hour for cooking, and the recipe is so simple that even a child will cope with it.

Vegetable salad with broccoli and colored cabbage

If you are also used to the fact that vegetable salads are cucumbers and tomatoes, this recipe will probably surprise you. The combination of broccoli with colored cabbage in orange juice will enjoy even children. And this is a great dietary dish.

Broccoli vegetarian dishes - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Broccoli is a relatively young find that is first mentioned in the sources of the late 16th century. For a long time, broccoli dishes were distributed only in Italy, and much later the emigrants carried it around the world, and in particular - to America. There are about 200 varieties of various shapes and colors, although there are only a few in our latitudes.

Broccoli dishes are rich in fiber, carotene, folic acid and other beneficial substances. This is a very valuable product that is much more useful than its closest relative - cauliflower. In addition, broccoli contains a minimum of calories and it has its own distinct recognizable taste. The main thing is to prepare it correctly in order to maintain color and texture. For example, heat treatment should not be too long.

The most popular broccoli dishes are cream and vegetable soups, stew, cutlets, mashed potatoes. It can simply be fried in panic or baked in its entirety. A slightly welded broccoli is added to salads and light snacks. It is delightfully combined with fish, chicken and seafood!