Carrots for Vegeters

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Cabbage salad and apples

Cabbage for the winter can be cooked with any other vegetables. And even with fruits! I offer my crown recipe for salad with carrots, apples and aromatic spices. A great option to diversify the everyday diet.

Bolgarian cucumbers for the winter

Today I want to share the fast and, in my opinion, the most successful recipe for pickled cucumbers in Bolgarian without sterilization. Cucumbers are crispy, sweet and sour and moderately piquant. Due to the addition of carrots, the workpiece looks beautiful and bright.

Lenten pilaf from a bulgur in a slow cooker

Looking for a recipe for a delicious dish without meat? Try this one! Instead of rice, a bulgur will be used. Group is pre -fried in oil to enhance the appetizing aroma and make a slightly crispy. Pilaf turns out of all sorts of praise!

Puree soup with carrots and onions

I have several recipes for carrot soups, and this is one of the best. Perhaps this is the most win -win option to start acquaintance with such dishes. When serving, I advise you to decorate it with greens and pesto sauce.

Cabbage rolls with vegetables and rice

In addition to the classic minced meat, pigeons can be prepared with a variety of fillings for which you have enough imagination. I like to experiment in the mood and with pleasure I will share the result of one of the most successful experiments - this recipe with vegetables and rice.

Salsa vegetable salad

One of the most unusual winter blanks in my arsenal is such a vegetable salsa. In fact, its composition can be almost anything. The whole secret is in a very small cut and tight laying of the ingredients in the jar.

Paste from lentils

A delicious and original paste can actually be prepared from anything - not only from the liver or meat. Therefore, I like to experiment with a wide variety of ingredients, because the essence is more likely in the consistency. I offer a paste of lentils!

Marinade for peas for the winter

Mistresses know the recipe for their ideal universal marinade for their favorite blanks. But what, if you move a little from the traditional recipe and preserve green peas in the spicy marinade with spices? Let's experiment, it is not at all difficult!

Peking cabbage salad, walnuts and grenade

The diet can be tasty if you add more fresh vegetables and fruits. A good option would be a salad of Beijing cabbage, walnuts and grenade. An amazingly appetizing and simple dish. Add spices to your liking.

Lecho with rice for the winter

During her existence, the Hungarian lecho underwent many changes: each housewife adjusts the recipe for herself, adding or removing certain ingredients. Today I want to offer you an unusual recipe for delicate lecho with the addition of rice.

Pickled cabbage with vinegar without sterilization

You can cook tasty and juicy pickled cabbage with vegetables for this recipe for the winter. The technology is simple, additional sterilization is not required, heat treatment is minimal, which means that vegetables will retain the maximum of useful properties and vitamins.

Borsch without meat

You can cook delicious borsch even without meat. The main thing is to use young and juicy vegetables. And to make the borsch even more rich, I recommend cooking it on mushroom broth. It is best if it is strong and freshly.

Sandbone with vegetables

Who said that sandwiches must be with sausage, ham or any meat products in general? Catch an excellent completely vegetable recipe that is suitable even to vegetarians and adherents of fasting.

Falafel from lentils

Classic phalafel is made from chickpeas, but in general you can use different legumes. Catch the recipe with lentils. I recommend using red - it has more pleasant color and a section of the balls will look more appetizing.

Salad with seaweed, green peas and rice

Another simple recipe for fans of sea cabbage. The mouth -watering salad is simultaneously light and satisfying. Rice must be welded so that it turns out to be crumbly. To do this, it is best to use breakdown grains.

Vinaigrette with sauerkraut

My family loves vinaigrette with sauerkraut. Usually I cut cabbage with a short strips - so it is more convenient, and the salad looks more beautiful. If desired, cucumbers can not be added to the vinaigrette, it all depends on your taste preferences.

Korean carrots with Asaphite, ginger and nutmeg

Surprise your family with unusual Korean carrots. In this recipe, the usual garlic is replaced by asaphetide and there is absolutely no burning pepper. Such a snack is perfectly stored in the refrigerator for several days and over time it only becomes better.

Vegetarian pilaf with carrots and spices in a slow cooker

Such pilaf will appeal to everyone who is interested in proper nutrition. It turns out fragrant, beautiful and very tasty. The recipe is simple, but for it you will need a slow cooker. You can cook at the “Pilaf”, “Multipovar” or “Extinguishing” modes.

Caviar from cucumbers for the winter without sterilization

Do not know how to use overripe cucumbers? Then keep a simple recipe in a piggy bank. After all, the good hostess does not disappear! The caviar is very tasty, in winter it will perfectly complement any side dishes and dishes of poultry and meat.

Korean carrots in marinade

Such a snack could be well stored in the refrigerator for several days, but always eaten faster. If you do not like spicy food, exclude the corresponding spices from the recipe. Overcoming carrots can be compensated by adding a little sugar.

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Carrot vegetarian dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

It is believed that the carrots first began to grow in Afghanistan, and by the 10th century it got into Europe. But recently, scientists believe that it all started even earlier - about 4 thousand years ago. In any case, the healing properties were first appreciated, and only then people discovered a wonderful taste of carrot dishes. And today it is a universal vegetable base for soups, stew, stewed meat and fish.

On its basis, sauces and frying are made, it is canned and pickled, carrots are prepared in Korean. Among the dishes of carrots are many interesting and useful desserts, such as cupcakes and carrot pies. Its juice is used as a natural dye, and the tops are added to salads and soups. The stew, honeycomb and any other vegetable dishes cannot be imagined without an orange vegetable.

It goes into pilaf, rice with vegetables, in paste and winter blanks. Carrots are miraculously combined with pumpkin, nuts, honey, seeds, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.