Feta Dishes for Vegeters

3 recipes
Spinach salad and pumpkin

The pumpkin for this salad is best frying on the grill, but you can bake or cook in any other convenient way. Of the cheeses, I prefer Fetu or Brynza. But I advise you to leave the spinach unchanged - it turns out beautiful and tasty.

Salad with chickpeas, vegetables and feta

This vegetable salad with chickpeas is light and fresh, but at the same time very satisfying. So that the chickpeas boil better and faster, soak it overnight in cold water. Otherwise, the recipe does not cause any trouble.

Fig and Feta salad

The most difficult thing in this salad is to choose the right beautiful and high -quality fig. Its main feature is a pleasant sweet aroma. The skin should be intact, smooth and not too soft. And with arugula and Feta you should not have problems.

Vegetry dishes with feta - recipes with photos (step by step)

Feta is a business card of Greek cuisine and the main star of the famous Greek salad. In popularity, Fet can compete with olives - the second most famous Greek product. For the first time, a gentle homemade cheese is mentioned by Homer. Over time, navigators were especially appreciated, because they kept Feta in salt sea water. The classic recipe includes sheep or goat milk, but now they use cow.

Different types of cheese are distinguished by endurance and preparation technology in general. With Feta, any dishes acquire an expressive curd taste. The texture of the cheese seems dense enough, but in fact it just melts in the mouth. Fet is combined with any vegetables, and not only fresh. With pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut will also be very good. It is harmonious with sweet juicy fruits - apples, pears, melons.

Because of this, most often dishes with Feta are all kinds of salads and snacks. But it is also added to the fillings for pies, pizza and paste!