Vehira dishes for vegeters

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Sweets with almonds in sesame seeds

If you like sweets with nuts, they can even be made at home. They will also be quite high -calorie, but much more useful than any store. This is a very tasty dessert and at the same time a good healthy snack. I share my favorite recipe with almonds and sesame seeds.

Fig and Feta salad

The most difficult thing in this salad is to choose the right beautiful and high -quality fig. Its main feature is a pleasant sweet aroma. The skin should be intact, smooth and not too soft. And with arugula and Feta you should not have problems.

Vegetry dishes from figs - recipes with photos (step by step)

Throughout the world, the figs wears dozens of names, from figs to the fig tree. For the first time, wine berry is mentioned even in ancient mythologists, where it was considered a divine gift and a symbol. This is one of the oldest cultivated plants, which was grown back in Arabia, so it is not surprising how many fig dishes are familiar to us today. Moreover, there are several hundred of its varieties, including home.

Separate hybrids are deduced for dried fruits. There are also frost -resistant species for more severe regions. Sigtry dishes are rich in organic acids and tannins. They have a lot of pectin, proteins and vegetable fats. Fruits have been used for years in folk medicine. Their taste is very pronounced, sweet and slightly clumsy. The fruits are always soft and fragrant, and they are also very nutritious.

They are often eaten as an independent product, and also - cook jam and canned in all types. Figs go well with citruses and nuts, used in baking and even when cooking bread. A lot of fig dishes with meat and poultry. It can be added to minced meat, prepared sauces and fillings, decorate salads. A very unusual combination is obtained with sea fish, liver and cheeses.