Dishes with ground coriander for vegeters

16 recipes
Color cabbage soup with onion

Color cabbage soups are always very unusual both in color and to taste. But in its pure form it is a little fresh, so I advise you to add some more vegetable. For example, the stem of fresh and fragrant onions.

Turkish salad with beans and pepper

This beautiful hearty salad with beans and pepper can easily replace the main dish. True, you will have to spend time on cooking beans, so I advise you to soak it overnight. Or you can use canned, but then drain the liquid and rinse it well.

Salad with seaweed, green peas and rice

Another simple recipe for fans of sea cabbage. The mouth -watering salad is simultaneously light and satisfying. Rice must be welded so that it turns out to be crumbly. To do this, it is best to use breakdown grains.

Peking cabbage, avocado and tomatoes salad

Do not know how to supplement the main dish? Prepare a light salad of Beijing cabbage, avocados and tomatoes. It is perfect for meat, fish, pasta and will become a generous source of vitamins at any time of the year. Catch a simple recipe!

Vegetable stew in a slow cooker

This recipe will not even complicate a novice cook. Vegetable stew in a slow cooker is prepared incredibly simple. The device creates special conditions, thanks to which the dish turns out to be surprisingly tasty and fragrant.

Humus from peas

Traditionally, Humus is made from chickpeas, but it can be replaced with ordinary stab peas. The recipe is not much different from the classic one. Pre -soaked peas are also boiled and crushed with the rest of the ingredients in a blender.

Carrot in Korean with wine vinegar

It is difficult to imagine a feast without this popular snack. Each housewife has his own recipe, proven for years. I like to cook carrots with wine vinegar. The taste is softer, and the dish is juicier. Although much, of course, depends on the vegetable itself.

Harcho without meat

Diet and PP are not a reason to deny yourself gastronomic pleasures. I’ll tell you an interesting recipe, which, perhaps, you did not know about. So, today we prepare the Georgian soup of hard with meat - lean and less fat, but the same spicy and fragrant.

Classic Falafel from Chick

Falafel is the most common dish of oriental street cuisine. These are balls of chopped legumes, and most often from chickpeas. I want to share with you a classic recipe. Cutlets can be made of any shape and size, serve them like a snack or add to other dishes.

Classic tkemali from cherry plum for the winter

Georgian sauces are rightfully considered the most appetizing and saturated in the world. To prepare a delicious, sour Tkemali made of cherry plums with aromatic notes of spices, herbs and spices you can according to this simple recipe. The sauce is ideal for meat dishes and barbecue.

Cabbage salad with carrots and bell pepper

If you like sauerkraut, Korean carrots and kimchi, then you will definitely like this salad. It seems that cabbage salads can no longer be surprised, but my recipe will cope with the task. Be sure to try to cook it!

Vinaigrette with pickled onions

A little free time and imagination - and now the usual vinaigrette turns into an exquisite treat! At the same time, the classic set of products does not change, and a crispy pickled beam gives the vinaigrette piquancy and original taste.

Pickled pepper

This simple salad is preparing in a matter of minutes, perfectly raises your appetite and decorates any table with one look. Separately, I recommend preparing it on a picnic, because it will not deteriorate and will not be weathered from what will stand in the air a little longer.

Green tomatoes in Korean

Green tomatoes in Korean are a simple snack that is prepared from available products. If desired, you can make it slightly piquant or as acute as possible with garlic and red pepper.

Pickled zucchini with greens and honey

If you cut the zucchini with the thinnest ribbons before pickling, they are even more soaked in the taste and aroma of additives. The texture of the vegetable is changing, and at the exit you will get a completely different snack. And how can you resist such beauty, and even with honey and herbs?

Eggplant like barbecue in the oven

You won’t believe it, but according to this recipe, eggplant really turns out like a barbecue. At the same time, there is no need to wait for good weather and mess with the bonfire. Vegetables are perfectly baked in the oven. Everything is simple, fast and very tasty!

Vegeterian dishes with ground coriander - recipes with photos (step by step)

The green leaves of cilantro are known to everyone as well as the ground coriander. But did you know that this is the same plant, just its different parts? For the preparation of spices, solid seeds are used. In general, they are very hard and not always convenient, so they are crushed before use. So that the aroma does not disappear, we advise you to do this immediately before adding a spice to the dish.

Dishes with ground coriander - the basis of the national cuisine of Central Asia and the Far East. A sweet aroma with anise notes cannot be confused with nothing. The coriander is included in many mixtures-Carry, Home-Sunels, into popular Caucasian and Georgian seasonings. It is added to bread and pastries, in pilaf, to lentils, beans and other legumes. The first dishes with the ground coriander are even more appetizing.

In small quantities, it is appropriate even in desserts - cupcakes, gingerbread and cookies. Of course, this is also an important component of sauces, gas stations, marinades and panning!