Maslin dishes for vegeters

8 recipes
Spinach salad and canned beans

For this recipe, I advise you to use canned beans and the same canned olives. Great tasty, hearty and very fast salad, if you have a pack of spinach and a handful of juicy tomatoes.

Baked vegetables and mushrooms

This recipe takes a little time, because the vegetables and mushrooms for it first need to be baked. So that they get ready faster, I propose to immediately cut them thinner and put them into a baking sheet in one layer.

Salad with potatoes, tomatoes and olives

Salads with young potatoes are a special pleasure. They are especially good for a picnic or just for dinner. Sometimes I cook this option with tomatoes and olives for holidays instead of the main side dish. If desired, you can serve it warm.

Kaponata from pumpkin with eggplant

Once on vacation on Sicily, I managed to try a real local caponat. This is a vegetable stew based on eggplant with other vegetables. We will be honest, not the most famous Italian dish in the world. But it is very tasty!

Vegetarian pizza

From juicy tomatoes, olives and olives you can prepare a wonderful vegetarian pizza. I propose to knead the dough on yeast and olive oil, and grease the finished cake with tomato and pesto sauce. The taste will turn out to be complex, saturated and harmonious.

Pickled pumpkin for the winter

Pumpkin dishes in winter are not only a gastronomic pleasure, but also the salvation of your mood. Her bright sunny color pleases and warms with one appearance. Most often, sweet blanks are made from pumpkin, but I have another option.

Fig and Feta salad

The most difficult thing in this salad is to choose the right beautiful and high -quality fig. Its main feature is a pleasant sweet aroma. The skin should be intact, smooth and not too soft. And with arugula and Feta you should not have problems.

Salad with vegetables, olives and chickpeas

The vegetable salad can always be diversified by adding various ingredients to it. The chickpeas will make the salad more satisfying, as it contains protein and fiber. If the chickpeas is difficult to find, it can be replaced with boiled or canned beans.

Vegetry dishes with olives - recipes with photos (step by step)

Like olives, olives are the fruits of the same tree, just more ripe. In European countries, there is no such classification, so black and green fruits are called the same. Dishes with olives for a long time were sacred, and over time it also became known about their benefits. For example, olives well strengthen immunity due to the content of valuable fats and anthocyans.

In addition, they are very nutritious and perfectly saturate, so it is not for nothing that olive oil is the second most popular after sunflower. Dishes with olives are prepared with canned, soaked or salted fruits. Fresh they are hard and bitter, but they are great for pickling with spices and herbs. If canned olives are too salty for a particular recipe, they can be poured with water for a short time.

There are dishes with olives in almost all the cuisines of the world. They are added to salads and snacks, stew and baked with meat, stuffed and used in minced meat, added to soups and decorated with basic dishes.