Peking cabbage dishes for vegeters

11 recipes
Peking cabbage salad with orange and pumpkin seeds

I really love unusual combinations of tastes. They allow you to feel the ingredients differently, to discover new dishes for themselves and enrich themselves. For such purposes, a Peking cabbage salad with orange and pumpkin seeds is great.

Mushroom salad and carrots

A quick, tasty and very useful recipe for salad with mushrooms and carrots at your disposal. It turns out to be bright, crispy and with a very expressive taste. He does not even need complex gas stations and a lot of spices.

Red and Beijing cabbage salad

It is no secret that fresh vegetables should be present in the diet daily. They can be served on the table in the form of cutting or delicious salads. If you choose the last option, try this recipe with red and Beijing cabbage.

Kimchi in Korean from Beijing cabbage at home

Original Korean kimchi differs from the familiar pickled vegetables with taste and cooking technology. For the recipe you will need Beijing cabbage and a lot of spices. And how to do everything at home - I’ll tell you further in the recipe.

Vitamin salad made of Beijing cabbage and carrots

You can cook salad even from the simplest products. For example, Beijing cabbage, carrots and a little greenery were lying around you. From these ingredients, a very tasty vitamin salad will already be obtained. I tell you how I cook it!

Tofu salad, mushrooms and Beijing cabbage

For this recipe, I choose a pickled tofu that does not need to be frying or somehow cook. It goes well with Beijing cabbage and mushrooms, and then the marinade can be used as a salad dressing.

Corn salad and Beijing cabbage

Beijing cabbage with corn - a combination, win -win on all points: tasty, beautiful, also crunchs pleasy. I propose to dilute all this with a sweetish purple onion and fragrant freshly ground pepper.

Peking cabbage salad and canned peas

At first glance, an inconspicuous salad will greatly complement any family feast. And all because the dish more diverse in textures still needs to be looked for. Crushing Beijing cabbage, juicy tomatoes, soft canned peas - perfect!


Such a simple and ingenuous salad very quickly became our family favorite. Beijing cabbage does not even need to be kneaded as ordinary. Take fresh onion or glue it as desired. And if you want to add refueling, I recommend a fat sour cream.

Fresh salad with Beijing cabbage and radish

In the season of vegetables, I really want to have time to enjoy this variety of tastes. The easiest way is to prepare different salads daily. I propose to expand the assortment of familiar dishes and prepare a fresh salad with radish and Beijing cabbage.

Peking cabbage salad with bell pepper and carrots

Tasty salads are obtained only from high -quality ingredients, so always use fresh and juicy vegetables. I share my favorite salad recipe with Beijing cabbage!

Vegeterian dishes from Beijing cabbage - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Perhaps today there are no people who would be unfamiliar dishes from Beijing cabbage. It is mentioned even in Chinese sources BC, and even then it was used as a vegetable and oil culture. Until now, it is a basic ingredient for the preparation of Asian salads, snacks and many other recipes. It is pickled, kassed, cooked in a Korean manner, used in blanks. The filling is wrapped in the leaves, as in ordinary cabbage rolls.

This is even faster, because they are more tender than that of white, so it’s easier to work with them. In the world, Peking cabbage dishes spread quite a long time. She was known in Europe, but she was not popular until the second half of the 20th century. But at the same time, it can be grown in your area in the middle lane - for this there are special precious varieties and hybrids.

Peking cabbage dishes are one of the most useful among all cabbage. In addition, it retains its benefit even with long -term storage, and rare vegetables can boast of this. Best of all, Beijing cabbage is combined with cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken, seafood, bell pepper, corn, oranges and pineapples. It can be stewed, added to the cabbage soup or borsch, serve instead of a side dish to meat and fish.