Strawberry dishes for vegeters

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Banana and strawberry ice cream at home

If you have not tried to cook ice cream from the banana, then you have missed a lot. In addition, I propose to add a little strawberries right away. This classic combination will sparkle with new colors in your favorite summer dessert. Children will especially like it!

Salad with strawberries, bananas and peaches

Such a fruit salad with strawberries, bananas and peaches I love to cook for breakfast. Especially the children are delighted with him. It can be supplemented with flakes or granola, pour yogurt or serve with oatmeal. A wonderful charge of vigor for the whole day!

Beetroot and strawberry salad

One of the most unusual combinations among all that I tried is beets and strawberries. It would seem that they have in common? But in this simple and spectacular salad they are perfectly combined with each other. You can serve it one or a pillow of greenery.

Japanese mochi cakes

Japanese cakes are dietary in themselves. In the traditional recipe for the dough, rice flour, water and sugar are used. If you eat the right food, replace the sugar with the sweetener and select the most useful filling, in this case, fresh strawberries.

WEGHETERIANSTICAL STARTICS dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

Fragrant strawberries are a real treasure in cooking. It is eaten fresh, and also used to prepare thousands and tens of thousands of dishes. First of all, these are jam, jams, compotes, harvesting for the winter, syrups, impregnations and creams. Strawberry perfectly complements cottage cheese, cheese and cream desserts. A delightful jelly is obtained from it and it is good with whipped cream or chocolate.

Fresh large berries are pleasant to marry in a piquant liquor or rum. Berry sauces are prepared from strawberries, both for ice cream and meat. And what are your favorite home pies with strawberry filling! Salads and snacks with strawberries refresh and delight with a riot of bright colors. It goes well with the basil, arugula and other greenery. Strawberries are the basis for smoothie and a pleasant addition to cocktails.

It is used as an additive to oatmeal or corn porridge, to flakes and muesli. In the end, strawberries can simply be blurred with sugar or frozen. It is good separately or together with other berries and fruits. For example, with cherries, banana, kiwi or pear. The number of recipes with strawberries will impress even experienced cooks!