Tsukini dishes for Vegeters

28 recipes
Salsa vegetable salad

One of the most unusual winter blanks in my arsenal is such a vegetable salsa. In fact, its composition can be almost anything. The whole secret is in a very small cut and tight laying of the ingredients in the jar.

Witched porridge with zucchini

Fold porridge is good that it does not have to be sweet. For example, this option with zucchini will become an excellent side dish or a full -fledged independent dish for every day. Moreover, the dish is very useful.

Baked vegetables and mushrooms

This recipe takes a little time, because the vegetables and mushrooms for it first need to be baked. So that they get ready faster, I propose to immediately cut them thinner and put them into a baking sheet in one layer.

Risotto with vegetables

Let's prepare risotto with vegetables according to a classic Italian recipe. The dish has a bright taste and delicate viscous structure. It is satisfying and low -calorie at the same time - ideal for vegetarians and will be a good addition to the lean table

PP zucchini caviar for the winter

There are a lot of advantages, from bright taste to simplicity of cooking. It can be served as a separate snack, smear on bread or used in other dishes. And it is also easy to adapt to fans of proper nutrition.

Pickled zucchini circles

Recipes of blanks with zucchini are dozens, or even hundreds. I like to cook their circles most of all. They turn out soft, but at the same time still retain their texture. In winter, just pour them out of the can - and the appetizer is ready.

Salad with tsukini and tomatoes

Salad with tsukini and tomatoes - this is already a ready -made appetizer. It is especially good with meat, boiled potatoes or just with black bread. And it can also be used in the preparation of soups, stewed vegetables and other dishes.

Vegetable stew in a slow cooker

This recipe will not even complicate a novice cook. Vegetable stew in a slow cooker is prepared incredibly simple. The device creates special conditions, thanks to which the dish turns out to be surprisingly tasty and fragrant.

Eggplant caviar with zucchini

Most often, vegetable caviar means exactly the eggs of zucchini and eggplant. More precisely, it is something like a vegetable paste. You can serve a snack in different ways-on bread or in tartlets, as a sauce, instead of a salad or as an addition to the side dish.

Borsch with zucchini and celery

If you love so that there are more guns and vegetables in the borsch, I offer such a recipe with zucchini and celery. You can add other ingredients to your taste. This time I propose to do without frying.

Ajika from zucchini for the winter

Ajika from zucchini is an economical workpiece for the winter. It turns out to be moderately acute and pleasant to taste. It flies away at our house quickly! If you like it more, adjust the amount of pepper and garlic at your discretion. Like an alternative to store sauces - what you need!

Lenten Ukrainian borsch with vegetables

Classic Ukrainian borscht is a rich meat dish. But what if you like his taste so much, but you want to do without meat? In fact, this is simpler, and further in the recipe I will tell you what vegetables you will need, how much and how to cook them.

Bruscette with vegetable caviar

They say that brevity is a sister of talent, and real beauty is hidden in simplicity. Perhaps this is about bruzttas with bright and fragrant vegetable caviar made of zucchini, pumpkin, carrots and tomatoes. The main thing here is as smaller, but cut vegetables equally.

Color cabbage

The main ingredient in the stew can be not only meat, but literally anything. For example, at our house they love stew from cauliflower very much, so I often cook it. Surprisingly, even children were to the taste of it, and they are definitely far from love for many vegetables.

Yellow tomatoes with zucchini for the winter

In winter, there are constantly not enough colors, and you have to add them to life on your own. I offer a great way - a colorful workpiece of yellow tomatoes. It is enough to get a jar from the closet - and now the mood is a little better!

Chopped caviar from eggplant

If you do not like homogeneous pastes, try this recipe for chopped eggplant caviar. It will require more time for cutting and cooking, but what a tasty and beautiful result is the result!

Canapes with vegetables-croils and herbs

Gril vegetables are always more useful and tastier just fried. It does not matter whether you have a barbecue or a special pan - such canapes will always be good. Be sure to decorate them with chopped herbs or green onions before serving.

Lenten pizza in a pan

If you adhere to a post or just a vegetarian diet, this is not a reason to finally delete your favorite dishes from life. For example, such a pizza in a pan is prepared without meat, eggs and dairy products - on water and with vegetables.

Lecho from zucchini for the winter

Lycho from zucchini for the winter is a mandatory workpiece for lovers of vegetable twist. In winter, a delicious dish will be a good cold snack, it can be added to stewed meat and fish or served as a gravy to pasta and potato puree.

Grill salad with mushrooms and tsukini

This recipe is best suited for picnics when you need a fresh vegetable snack, and there is just a grill on hand. However, mushrooms and tsukini can be prepared in a pan. An interesting highlight of this recipe is a freshly ground pink pepper.

Vegeterian dishes from Tsukini - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

Of all the varieties of zucchini, I would like to separately note Tsukini. This is a European dark green variety, a closest relative of pumpkin, and it is especially common in Mediterranean countries. The pulp is watery, but very tasty and delicate, ideal for dietary dishes and children's menu. Tsukini is one of the most popular vegetables for weight loss, and it is also quickly preparing.

Tsukini dishes are best frying or baked: in spices and panning, with garlic and herbs, under cheese or with minced meat. You can cook it, fry it on the grill or add to the soup at the last stages. Stewed tsukini will become a magnificent side dish for bird or fish. Fresh young vegetables, grated on a coarse grater or sliced ​​into thin slices, are added to salads and pickled like Korean carrots.

Among the dishes from Tsukini there are even desserts - the most delicate cupcakes or souffli. Grated pulp is added to the minced meat for juiciness or in pancakes for taste. Pancakes are made from it, like potato derunes!