Cabbage dishes for vegeters

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Cabbage salad and apples

Cabbage for the winter can be cooked with any other vegetables. And even with fruits! I offer my crown recipe for salad with carrots, apples and aromatic spices. A great option to diversify the everyday diet.

Cabbage rolls with vegetables and rice

In addition to the classic minced meat, pigeons can be prepared with a variety of fillings for which you have enough imagination. I like to experiment in the mood and with pleasure I will share the result of one of the most successful experiments - this recipe with vegetables and rice.

Pickled cabbage with vinegar without sterilization

You can cook tasty and juicy pickled cabbage with vegetables for this recipe for the winter. The technology is simple, additional sterilization is not required, heat treatment is minimal, which means that vegetables will retain the maximum of useful properties and vitamins.

Borsch without meat

You can cook delicious borsch even without meat. The main thing is to use young and juicy vegetables. And to make the borsch even more rich, I recommend cooking it on mushroom broth. It is best if it is strong and freshly.

Sauerkraut for the winter in banks

Well, how can you not stock up on the winter of crispy and appetizing sauerkraut? There are many recipes, and every housewife probably has his own, successful and not very. Today I will tell you how to ferment cabbage with a brine. It turns out tasty and fast enough.

Holocaum with cabbage for the winter in banks

Calcular and fragrant, cabbage hodgepodge will not only diversify your table in winter, but also fill the body with vitamins and useful trace elements. Serve to the table as a hot side dish to the main dish or as a cold snack. Agree, it's convenient!

Borsch with zucchini and celery

If you love so that there are more guns and vegetables in the borsch, I offer such a recipe with zucchini and celery. You can add other ingredients to your taste. This time I propose to do without frying.

Cabbage soup and tomatoes for the winter in banks

When the season of vegetables is in full swing, it's time to prepare a home -made semi -finished product for aromatic habit. There is nothing complicated in the preparation of the gas station, and in winter such a workpiece will always be in handy. For a full -fledged soup or as a vegetable side dish - perfect!

Borsch for the winter in banks

The recipe for this amazing workpiece should have every busy housewife. Because borsch in a bank is not only tasty, but also significantly saves time spent in the kitchen. Agree, in winter not everyone can cook a full borsch in 15 minutes.

Cabbage with saffron in Korean

Lovers of piquant dishes will appeal to the appetizer. Cabbage with saffron in Korean should be marinated in a cool place. The refrigerator or basement is ideal for this. I recommend that every 8-10 hours pierce the vegetable mixture with a long wooden stick.

Cabbage salad with rhubarb and orange dressing

Rhubarb is one of the most underestimated ingredients in our latitudes. But this is a source of valuable antioxidants, vitamins and other beneficial substances. It affects digestion, and is especially useful for children. Well, in such a simple cabbage salad with an orange dressing, it's also tasty.

Pickled cabbage with beets

I tell you how to quickly and tasty prepare the very beautiful red cabbage, which adorns any table with one presence. The secret is very simple - a bit of beets and no dyes. Tasty, healthy and very spectacular!

Cabbage cutlets in the oven

Add to the collection of your duty dishes a recipe for cabbage cutlets in the oven. They can be served as an independent dish, as well as with buckwheat, boiled rice and potatoes. I recommend seasoning vegetable cutlets with your favorite sauce.

Vegan cabbage cabins

It is known that the vegans of mushrooms do not eat, so it is impossible to use them in this recipe. Nevertheless, vegan cabbages are still very tasty. For the filling, rice, potatoes and frying are used. Sometimes garlic and fresh greens are added to taste.

Pickled tomatoes with cabbage for the winter in banks

If all kinds of twisting from tomatoes are already prepared, catch an unusual recipe in a piggy bank. Today we will prepare for the winter an original snack of 2 in 1 of cabbage and tomatoes. The marinade is simple, the result is excellent. The number of ingredients is indicated by 1 bank.

Stewed pp cabbage

Stewed cabbage - the dish itself is quite useful and hearty. If you adhere to proper nutrition or sit on a diet, use less vegetable oil, adding more water. Supporters of healthy lifestyle will certainly appreciate this low -calorie dish!

Cabbage salad with carrots and bell pepper

If you like sauerkraut, Korean carrots and kimchi, then you will definitely like this salad. It seems that cabbage salads can no longer be surprised, but my recipe will cope with the task. Be sure to try to cook it!

Curly cabbage, apples and carrots

Curly cabbage kale is an ingredient that is often undeservedly ignored in our latitudes. But still, it is increasingly caught in stores, which means it's time to experiment with recipes. Here is such a wonderful salad with apples and carrots.

Cabbage stewed with champignons

If you are on a diet, follow the post or just do not want heavy food, you will definitely like the stewed cabbage recipe with champignons. It is simple, fast and inexpensive. I advise you to prepare the dish in a deep pan or Kazan.

Sharp cabbage salad

Of all the variations of salads with cabbage for the winter - this one will surely like this lovers. And the secret is extremely simple: garlic, chili pepper and spices. Otherwise, even a novice cook will cope with this recipe.

Cabbage vegetarian dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

It seems that there are no cabbage dishes left that do not exist yet. She is fermented and stewed, boiled, fried and baked. The stuffing and other fillings are wrapped in cabbage, and they make the filling from it itself. Who does not know about pigeons or favorite fragrant pies? In addition, this is a universal side dish to all types of meat, and especially to heavier, like pork and lamb.

Young cabbage can be baked in whole or halves with an egg, milk and cheese. The first cabbage dishes are very popular. These are cabbage soup, borscht, hodgepodge, vegetable and meat soups, and much others. They even make it out of it! The dietary diet also does not do without this vegetable. And how many salads based on it exist: from fresh vegetables to canned blanks for the winter.

Other species deserve special attention - purple, Savoy, Brussels, broccoli, color. And this is only a small part! Excellent vegetarian cutlets and fragrant stewed stew are obtained from cabbage. Among the quick, but beautiful cabbage dishes are flooding pies based on yogurt, milk or sour cream.