Cilantro Dishes for Vegeters

21 recipes
Salsa vegetable salad

One of the most unusual winter blanks in my arsenal is such a vegetable salsa. In fact, its composition can be almost anything. The whole secret is in a very small cut and tight laying of the ingredients in the jar.

Turkish salad with beans and pepper

This beautiful hearty salad with beans and pepper can easily replace the main dish. True, you will have to spend time on cooking beans, so I advise you to soak it overnight. Or you can use canned, but then drain the liquid and rinse it well.

Fox salad and pumpkin

The pumpkin season is the very time when you want to use it everywhere. It is very tasty and fragrant, and what is one of its appetizing color! This time I propose to cook a pumpkin with mushrooms. And not just with mushrooms, but with the same bright orange foxes!

Sandwalker with guacamole and salsa

A beautiful snack in the best South American traditions! The main thing is to cut the bread thinner so that it does not drown out the taste of guacamole and salsa. And how to cook the most popular vegetable snacks, I will tell you further in the recipe.

Babaganush with onions and herbs

Babaganush is one of the most popular snacks of oriental cuisine. And there are two reasons for that. Firstly, it is very tasty. And secondly, the dish is so easily prepared that even novice cooks will cope with Babaganush with onions and herbs.

Ketchup from gooseberry for the winter

Ketchup can be not only from tomatoes! This simple recipe will help prepare an unusual sweet and sour berry sauce. Today we will prepare a spicy homemade ketchup from ... gooseberries! Ideal to meat dishes and baked bird. The gourmets will definitely appreciate!

Tbilisi salad with eggplant

One of the main ingredients of Georgian cuisine is eggplant. It is not surprising that they are used in almost all dishes, including salads. Catch the excellent variation of the classic Tbilisi salad. Tasty, simple and very satisfying!

Star in Georgian

The most kitchens of the world are in the most part of the world, because in fact it is just stew with vegetables. What could be simpler and more universal? I really love Georgian stew, because it turns out to be brighter, spicy and piquant. I tell you!

Harcho without meat

Diet and PP are not a reason to deny yourself gastronomic pleasures. I’ll tell you an interesting recipe, which, perhaps, you did not know about. So, today we prepare the Georgian soup of hard with meat - lean and less fat, but the same spicy and fragrant.

Home Falafel

Without Falafel, it is impossible to imagine Eastern, Arab and Jewish cuisine. A huge wave of popularity of Falafel swept throughout Europe, when more and more people began to be interested in vegetarian dishes. I tell you how to cook it.

Classic Falafel from Chick

Falafel is the most common dish of oriental street cuisine. These are balls of chopped legumes, and most often from chickpeas. I want to share with you a classic recipe. Cutlets can be made of any shape and size, serve them like a snack or add to other dishes.

Classic tkemali from cherry plum for the winter

Georgian sauces are rightfully considered the most appetizing and saturated in the world. To prepare a delicious, sour Tkemali made of cherry plums with aromatic notes of spices, herbs and spices you can according to this simple recipe. The sauce is ideal for meat dishes and barbecue.

Salad with fried mushrooms and beans

For this recipe, green beans are best suited, but in general you can take beans or any other legumes. But I advise you to boil them in advance or buy canned ones. Then the time of cooking the salad depends only on the frying of the mushrooms.

Falafel with peas

I want to share one original phalafel recipe - with the addition of peas. It acquires the very bright pea taste, so all lovers will surely appeal. Otherwise, the cooking process is almost no different from the classic one. Then I will tell you more!

Georgian Phali with Greens

Phali from greenery instantly attract attention with one bright color. And thanks to nuts and spices in the composition, the taste is impressive no less. When serving, I prefer to decorate these Georgian balls with grenade grains.

Salad Salsa with apples and mangoes

Salsa is a traditional Mexican sauce of chopped tomatoes with other vegetables and spices. But it is served not in the form of liquid sauces that are familiar to us, but rather in the form of a salad. I propose to combine the Mexican traditions with European ones, and prepare such an unusual fusion made of mangoes and apples.

Guacamole with tomatoes and chili

If you like spicy Mexican cuisine, then you definitely tried the famous guacamole from avocado. I tell you how to cook it at home and what can be added. For example, acute chili pepper, fragrant sweet tomatoes and lemon juice.

Classic guacamole with avocado

Little can be so useful, tasty and at the same time light as classic guacamole. Soft, fat, but delicious avocado in combination with other ingredients will be the best snack to your table. It is best to serve guacamole with the chips of the Nachos.

Potato salad with mushrooms

Most salads with potatoes and mushrooms are similar to each other. Today I want to tell you how to diversify such a simple and everyday dish. Try it yourself! I am sure that you will like it too!

Cherry salad with beets and tomatoes

Among all salads with beets - this one has become one of my favorites. The main thing is to choose a sweet aromatic root crop and the same sweet tomatoes. If there is no cherry, cocktails are suitable, but I advise you not to take the large ones. Optionally, decorate the salad with nuts.

Vegeterian dishes with cilantro - recipes with photos (step by step)

Spicy and fragrant dishes with cilantro bring the long -awaited diversity into the diet. In our latitudes, parsley and dill are much more popular, but even they gradually get bored. And then the coriander comes to the rescue, he is cinza. Moreover, the green part of the plant and its seeds are used as a finished spice. For the preparation of dishes, several varieties of cilantro are grown - from softer to sharp.

Some of them can be diluted even in indoor conditions. The cilantro is rich not only in vitamins, but also with valuable essential oils that give its expressive aroma. At the same time, dried spices significantly lose both taste and aroma, so dishes with cilantro are most often prepared with fresh leaves.

Such recipes in Georgian, Caucasian and Mexican cuisine are especially popular, where Cilanthouses are added to almost all snacks and main dishes!