Ground cinnamon dishes for vegeters

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Povidlo from pears

Will we prepare homemade jam from pears with the addition of cinnamon? Use it as a filling in baking - households will definitely not resist such a treat. A dense, rich, fragrant jam of pears will be very useful for winter family tea drinks.

Jem from pears

The beauty of the preparation of any jam is in its simplicity. Unlike jam, such a delicacy does not require multiple breeds and cooling. Let's prepare the fragrant jam from your favorite pear variety? It is not only tasty, but also very useful. I share the recipe.

Thick peach jam with ginger

When you want something gentle, but warming-a peach jam with a ginger perfectly solve this problem. Taste is perfectly balancing and complement each other. In the recipe I offer my favorite proportions, but you can change them to your taste.

Dry jam from apples in the oven

I want to share the recipe for a unique “dry” apple jam. Apple slices baked and dried in the oven have the taste of real jam. Such a treat flies instantly in winter! In a family where there are children, such a workpiece must be!

Cherry in its own juice for the winter

Canned cherries in its own juice will have to be in the winter. I add it to butt pies and other pastries, sculp dumplings with cherry filling and even use to prepare fragrant compotes. I will share this simple recipe with you.

Tomatoes with apples for the winter

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is the time to collect late varieties of tomatoes and their harvesting for the winter. Today I want to offer you an interesting recipe for tomatoes canned with apples. It turns out very tasty and fragrant. I advise you to choose small dense tomatoes.

Currant jam with agar-agar

The best way to prepare dense currant jam, while spending a minimum of time on cooking is to add agar-agar. His plus before the gelatin is that he is of plant origin, which means that he is suitable even to adherents of a strict vegan diet.

Ketchup from tomatoes and apples for the winter

If you at least once prepare a home ketchup, the desire to buy a sauce in the store will definitely disappear. Very tasty and fragrant, this ketchup can even be children! To the potatoes, barbecue, any side dish - but what the soul wishes! The recipe is simple, and the ingredients are affordable.

Banana tofu cheesecakes

Vegetarian cheesecakes have long been not a myth, but reality. Catch a great recipe from soy cheese tofu with a banana. Of course, they have a completely different taste and consistency, but such a dish deserves attention! By the way, it will do not only vegetarians, but also lovers of diversity.

Pearl barriers with carrots and dried fruits in a slow cooker

A very original addition to banal pearl barley porridge is carrots and dried fruits. Moreover, I recommend that carrots take a young one so that it is as juicy and sweet as possible. This recipe is for all owners of multicoars and fans of proper nutrition in one person.

Sweets with almonds in sesame seeds

If you like sweets with nuts, they can even be made at home. They will also be quite high -calorie, but much more useful than any store. This is a very tasty dessert and at the same time a good healthy snack. I share my favorite recipe with almonds and sesame seeds.

Baked apples with raisins and cinnamon

Apples, raisins and cinnamon are often found in baking and cottage cheese desserts. But why not cook them separately, without something superfluous? For example, you can bake them in the oven, and then I will tell in detail how to do it correctly.

Batate home chips

It is difficult to surprise someone with ordinary store chips. Moreover, they always have a lot of fats, flavors and additives. But the homemade is a completely useful and universal appetizer. Especially if you prepare them from what more interesting - for example, from a battal.

Cabbage salad with carrots and bell pepper

If you like sauerkraut, Korean carrots and kimchi, then you will definitely like this salad. It seems that cabbage salads can no longer be surprised, but my recipe will cope with the task. Be sure to try to cook it!

Banana mousse with almonds

Bananas are very well and harmoniously combined with nuts, including almonds. Therefore, they can be safely combined and prepared so healthy, nutritious and very tasty mousse. Great fast dessert for all occasions!

Baked pumpkin with honey and cinnamon

Pumpkin is a very useful vegetable and it just needs to be included in the diet of children. But what if the child does not like such dishes? Prepare a delicious dessert from it. Add sweet honey and fragrant cinnamon. It is very difficult to resist such a dish.

Spicy apple chips

Fragrant chips from apples are simultaneously a snack, a dessert, and a quick snack for every day. They occupy an honorary high place among the favorite snacks of our family. Try it - and you can never look at store dried fruits again!

Pumpkin smoothie with chia seeds

You can talk as much as you like that smoothie is just a fashion trend. But besides, it is also a very convenient and useful snack in a glance. And personally, I am no longer ready to refuse them. I share my favorite recipe for pumpkin smoothie!

Carrot cake

If you try at least a piece of carrot cake, then fall in love with it forever! Stunning air dough, enchanting aroma and beautiful warm color. Is this not the most important for dessert? Catch my favorite recipe.

Apple kurd with cinnamon

A fragrant apple kurd is very tasty, delicate and healthy. Kurd is perhaps one of the simplest desserts that everyone can prepare. I propose traditionally add a little cinnamon and, possibly, other spices to taste.

WEGHETARIAN DISCIALS WITH MOLET CROR - recipes with photos (step -by -step)

How can you not find out the unique aroma of ground cinnamon? Even in ancient Greece, she was called an impeccable spice - Kinnamon. Since then, cinnamon trees were cultivated around the world, and the spice began to be sold in different types - in sticks or powder. A rich sweet aroma is combined with the same rich, but a little tart taste.

At the same time, it all depends on the region of growing and varieties of wood - so even the same dishes with ground cinnamon can be different each time. Cinnamon is used everywhere from China to Northern Europe and the USA. Without it, it is impossible to imagine pies, charlotte, stritting, gingerbread, cookies, cakes and other desserts. It is added to coffee, cocktails, mulled wine, tinctures, liquors, cocoa and tea.

Cinnamon goes well with apples, pears, quince, plum, pumpkin and eggplant. It is appropriate in sweet jam, spicy sauces and aromatic marinades. Meat dishes with ground cinnamon are a real find for gourmets. She emphasizes the wealth of the taste of ghouls, sausages, smoked meats and stews. Salt, porridge, milk soups, pasta, cottage cheese casseroles, green salads - all this will be even tastier with a pinch of cinnamon!