Dishes with parsley for Vegeters

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Potato in a rustic with garlic and herbs

Each housewife has her own duty recipe that helps out in special cases. For me, this is a nervous potato with garlic and herbs. It is simple to cook it, and the result is always just amazing.

Vegan soup with peas and vegetables

Do you share vegan views on life? Especially for you, the next recipe for pea soup with vegetables. Products of exclusively plant origin are used. The soup turns out to be rich, fragrant and very tasty.

Babaganush with onions and herbs

Babaganush is one of the most popular snacks of oriental cuisine. And there are two reasons for that. Firstly, it is very tasty. And secondly, the dish is so easily prepared that even novice cooks will cope with Babaganush with onions and herbs.

Pea soup-puree with chickpeas

If you love legumes, I propose to experiment with their combinations. This time I mixed frozen green peas and canned chickpeas in one soup-puree. And what happened to them - you will learn further.

Vegetarian pilaf

Are you planning an easy lunch or dinner? For this, vegetarian pilaf is well suited. The dish is prepared with steamed rice and a large number of different vegetables. And if you do not like the aroma of celery or garlic, just exclude them from the recipe!

Cinema salad and vegetables

Kinoa with vegetables is not the most obvious combination, but nevertheless it is definitely worth your attention. This is a very original recipe in the traditions of oriental cuisine. It is necessary to serve the salad cold, so let it cool.

Zucchini like mushrooms for the winter

The zucchini canned according to this recipe taste pickled mushrooms. Serve in winter a snack to any porridge, potatoes and meat dishes. The more herbs and spices are used in preparation, the more fragrant the vegetable appetizer will come out.

Tomatoes with apples for the winter

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is the time to collect late varieties of tomatoes and their harvesting for the winter. Today I want to offer you an interesting recipe for tomatoes canned with apples. It turns out very tasty and fragrant. I advise you to choose small dense tomatoes.

Dolmio sauce at home for the winter

If you like Italian cuisine, then this recipe is specifically for you. I propose to prepare for the winter the delicious Saus Dolmio, which is perfect for paste, pizza and climbing. Dolmio, cooked at home - the best alternative to store sauces!

Salad with rice, beans and lentils

If you need a hearty salad for a full dinner or dinner - this is it. Rice, beans, lentils are quite a thorough dish. Then I will tell you how to cook it and what else can be added.

Bruscette with vegetable caviar

They say that brevity is a sister of talent, and real beauty is hidden in simplicity. Perhaps this is about bruzttas with bright and fragrant vegetable caviar made of zucchini, pumpkin, carrots and tomatoes. The main thing here is as smaller, but cut vegetables equally.

Pickled pumpkin for the winter

Pumpkin dishes in winter are not only a gastronomic pleasure, but also the salvation of your mood. Her bright sunny color pleases and warms with one appearance. Most often, sweet blanks are made from pumpkin, but I have another option.

Cabbage soup and tomatoes for the winter in banks

When the season of vegetables is in full swing, it's time to prepare a home -made semi -finished product for aromatic habit. There is nothing complicated in the preparation of the gas station, and in winter such a workpiece will always be in handy. For a full -fledged soup or as a vegetable side dish - perfect!

Vegetarian hot dog with baked carrots, oyster mushrooms and avocados

Vegetarian hot dogs are also. They are prepared from fragrant vegetables and greens, selecting various combinations to their taste. It turns out very tasty with baked carrots, pickled oyster mushrooms and avocados. Try it and you will like it!

Cinema salad and beans

Oriental cuisine is visual evidence of how well Kinoa is combined with legumes. In this salad, I recommend using not only beans, but also something else-for example, chickpeas or lentils. And for piquancy, add grass and sharp pepper.

Tomatoes in gelatin for the winter

Tomatoes in jelly are a tasty, original and memorable appetizer. The cooking process is not much different from the usual conservation of tomatoes, only gelatin is added to the marinade. Before serving, send a jar of tomatoes for a couple of hours in the refrigerator.

Pickled mushrooms Ginger hotly for the winter

If, as a result of quiet hunting, you brought home a full basket of red -hairs, use this simple recipe to marin them in the winter hot. The mushrooms are tasty, crispy, moderately salty and very tender. Try it, very tasty!

Georgian Phali with Greens

Phali from greenery instantly attract attention with one bright color. And thanks to nuts and spices in the composition, the taste is impressive no less. When serving, I prefer to decorate these Georgian balls with grenade grains.

Lenten sauce is pesto

I love this pesto sauce, including for the fact that it can be safely prepared in fasting. In addition, he suits even adherents of a hard vegan diet, so no surprises and surprises. Today I will share with you my favorite recipe.

Fast salad with radish and cucumbers

The perfect recipe for the season of fresh vegetables! Salads with radish and cucumbers have long become summer classics. I tell you how else it can be prepared in a new way to get something interesting and original.

Vegetry dishes with parsley - recipes with photos (step by step)

An unpretentious plant that feels perfectly even in the poorest stony soil, predictably spread throughout the world. Dishes with parsley are served in China, Europe and America, and especially it is appreciated in Greece. There she is still found even in the wild. All species are divided into two large categories - leaf and root, which directly indicates use.

Leaf parsley is simple and curly, and the subtleties of the work of breeders begin further. Dishes with parsley are attracted to a bright aroma and a slightly tart taste with distinct sweet notes. Ground greens are added to salads, snacks and vegetable dishes. It is best to use it fresh, but you can dry and freeze. She is not afraid of heat treatment and is only more revealed in taste.

It is added to the ear, broths and other first dishes, to baked fish, wheat porridge and potatoes. Parsley harmonizes the bird well, but in pork or beef, the taste of meat can score. She also goes to the bay, jelly, marinades, sauces and conservation!