Potato dishes for Vegeters

50 recipes
Borsch without meat

You can cook delicious borsch even without meat. The main thing is to use young and juicy vegetables. And to make the borsch even more rich, I recommend cooking it on mushroom broth. It is best if it is strong and freshly.

Vinaigrette with sauerkraut

My family loves vinaigrette with sauerkraut. Usually I cut cabbage with a short strips - so it is more convenient, and the salad looks more beautiful. If desired, cucumbers can not be added to the vinaigrette, it all depends on your taste preferences.

Potato in a rustic with garlic and herbs

Each housewife has her own duty recipe that helps out in special cases. For me, this is a nervous potato with garlic and herbs. It is simple to cook it, and the result is always just amazing.

Ukrainian borsch with green onions

If you do not like ordinary onions and do not use it in cooking, this is not a reason to abandon classic recipes. Even in a traditional Ukrainian borsch, it is easy to replace it with green onions. And for the aroma, you can always add garlic. This time I propose a lean option.

Vegan soup with peas and vegetables

Do you share vegan views on life? Especially for you, the next recipe for pea soup with vegetables. Products of exclusively plant origin are used. The soup turns out to be rich, fragrant and very tasty.

Vegetable soup with colored cabbage in pots

In pots, you can not only bake meat or vegetables, but also cook a full -fledged soup. For example, such a light and dietary vegetable soup with cauliflower! For a rich red color, add a couple of spoons of tomato paste.

German salad with mushrooms and potatoes

To make such a simple homemade salad with mushrooms more interesting, I use knives for figure cutting of ingredients. Even banal potatoes in this form look much nicer. I tell you what else to add!

Potato in a nervous in panning crackers and spices

Let us prepare together the mouth-watering potatoes today in a bustle. To make it even more tasty and crispy, we roll every piece of vegetable in panning crackers and spices. You can serve such a dish with meat, fish and a vegetable salad.

Borsch with zucchini and celery

If you love so that there are more guns and vegetables in the borsch, I offer such a recipe with zucchini and celery. You can add other ingredients to your taste. This time I propose to do without frying.

Potato in a rustic, baked in acute sauce

One of the most popular dishes can be called potatoes in a nervous. It is appreciated for the simplicity of cooking, the availability of ingredients and, of course, a wonderful taste. Let's prepare appetizing potatoes in acute sauce today.

Fast lean brine

A pickle on vegetable broth is good not only in that it suits the post and for vegetarians. It also prepares very quickly, because the longest in this process is to boil chopped potatoes. And everything else will take you a few minutes.

Pea puree soup made of young peas

Young green peas soup is a bright and pleasant seasonal dish, which is so difficult to abandon. In fact, it can be prepared from frozen ingredients, but, of course, fresh ones are much tastier and more useful.

Lenten Ukrainian borsch with vegetables

Classic Ukrainian borscht is a rich meat dish. But what if you like his taste so much, but you want to do without meat? In fact, this is simpler, and further in the recipe I will tell you what vegetables you will need, how much and how to cook them.

Star in Georgian

The most kitchens of the world are in the most part of the world, because in fact it is just stew with vegetables. What could be simpler and more universal? I really love Georgian stew, because it turns out to be brighter, spicy and piquant. I tell you!

Potato casserole with mushrooms and onions

Most often, potato casseroles are prepared with meat, or at least with eggs, cream or cheese. But I have a completely vegetarian recipe in my collection - with onions and mushrooms. Sprinking the dish with soy tofu, if desired.

Harcho without meat

Diet and PP are not a reason to deny yourself gastronomic pleasures. I’ll tell you an interesting recipe, which, perhaps, you did not know about. So, today we prepare the Georgian soup of hard with meat - lean and less fat, but the same spicy and fragrant.

Potato in a rustic, baked in the sleeve

If you like softer potatoes in a rustic, try to cook it in the sleeve. It is very simple and convenient, because after such a dish you will not have to wash the baking sheet for a long time. You can add your favorite to these spices, if desired, you can add.

Beetroot, potatoes and onions

These products are in every house. Cook them, cut them as you like, and the mouth -watering salad is ready. Lemon juice can be replaced with lime juice, wine or apple cider vinegar. Lighter sourness will shade the taste and make the dish more interesting.

Stuffed champignons with vegetables and herbs

One of my favorite vegetarian snacks is fast, simple, tasty and satisfying. Sprinkle with chopped herbs - and no one can resist such beauty. I tell you what vegetables you can stuff the champignons and how much to bake them.

Minestron with broccoli

Italy gave the world not only a delicious pizza, but also the mouth -watering soup of Minestron. Preparing it surprisingly simple. The main thing is to observe the two most important rules: to cut the vegetables finely and cook from beginning to end in a Kazan.

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Vegeterian potato dishes - recipes with photos (step by step)

It is hard to imagine how to do in everyday life without potato dishes. They have been rooted in the diet for so long that it is impossible to understand what life looked before. And this despite the fact that the potato got into Europe not so simple. At first, mysterious American tubers did not appreciate, and in some countries they even thought that they bring illness. The imposition of an outlandish vegetable began almost forced.

But even so he was planted and grown incorrectly for a long time, they did not wait for ripening, they did not know how to properly cook simple potato dishes. But still, gradually the situation was recovering. There are several thousand varieties of potatoes, and only more than 300 varieties are grown here. They differ in ripening timing, taste, size, color, resistance to different conditions. There are canteens, fodder and technical varieties.

Dining rooms are also divided by purpose. For example, boiled dishes from potatoes are better from some, and fried from others. The potato is very satisfying, tasty and nutritious - and this is a universal side dish for all occasions. It is baked, stuffed, added to fillings and bread, fried pancakes and much more. Unpretentious root crops are combined with almost any other products - meat, fish, vegetables, greens, tomato and sour cream sauces.