Beetroot dishes for vegeters

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Salad with buckwheat, beets and mushrooms

For some reason, buckwheat is not very common in salads. I propose to correct this injustice with such a wonderful recipe! In addition to cereal, you will need beets, mushrooms, spinach and soft cheese. And then I will tell you what to do with it all!

Ukrainian borsch with green onions

If you do not like ordinary onions and do not use it in cooking, this is not a reason to abandon classic recipes. Even in a traditional Ukrainian borsch, it is easy to replace it with green onions. And for the aroma, you can always add garlic. This time I propose a lean option.

Courage for borsch from beets for the winter

Tax for borsch for the winter - must have for busy housewives. It is not difficult to cook it, but it is enough to save time. How conveniently open a jar in winter, add the contents to the boiling broth - and after 15 minutes a full fragrant homemade borsch is ready!

Pickled beets for the winter without sterilization

Why preserve beets for the winter, if you can buy it year -round at any store? This is so, but we will harvest boiled and already cleaned beets, which in winter can immediately be put into business, bypassing the stage of prolonged cooking. Agree, conveniently!

Pickled cabbage with beets

I tell you how to quickly and tasty prepare the very beautiful red cabbage, which adorns any table with one presence. The secret is very simple - a bit of beets and no dyes. Tasty, healthy and very spectacular!

Beetroot, potatoes and onions

These products are in every house. Cook them, cut them as you like, and the mouth -watering salad is ready. Lemon juice can be replaced with lime juice, wine or apple cider vinegar. Lighter sourness will shade the taste and make the dish more interesting.

Beetroot without cabbage with tomato paste for the winter

In fact, almost any favorite soup can be rolled up for the winter if desired. This beetroot was originally an experiment, but the experiment was completely successful, so I share the results. Prepare it without cabbage, but with tomato paste.

Beetroot and avocado salad

Oddly enough, a simple and familiar beets gives one of the best combinations with avocados. And if you supplement everything with greens and sesame seeds - no one can resist such a salad. So that the beets do not get other ingredients, I advise you to carefully lay out everything, but do not mix.

Beetroot Korean salad

We have long been accustomed to Korean carrots, but what about the Korean beetroot salad? Such an original recipe will definitely not leave indifferent, so I advise you to definitely try it at least once!

Vinaigrette with pickled onions

A little free time and imagination - and now the usual vinaigrette turns into an exquisite treat! At the same time, the classic set of products does not change, and a crispy pickled beam gives the vinaigrette piquancy and original taste.

Beetroot salad, prunes and walnuts

A simple but very tasty salad. The ingredients for him will require the most common. When buying, pay attention to the appearance of prunes. It should be rich in black. Brown spots indicate chemical treatment.


With the onset of cold weather, vinaigrette is prepared in each house. For many, it is associated with frosty air, a white snowstorm and beautiful patterns on the window. There are a huge number of options for cooking salad, but today I will tell the most classic recipe to vinaigrette!

Vinaigrette with chickpeas

For lack of peas and beans - prepare a vinaigrette with chickpeas. Such an additive significantly increases the nutritional value of the salad, so it will charge with energy and quickly quench hunger. Try and see for yourself!

Vinaigrette with olives

Why not cook vinaigrette with olives today? An interesting version of the classic salad will appeal to all lovers of olives. As an experiment, you can use olives stuffed with lemon, shrimp, anchose or tuna.

Vinaigrette with green peas and beans

I really love and often cook vegetable salads. They can be served to meat, fish or as the main dish for a snack. Today I am sharing the recipe for vinaigrette with peas and beans. If you have dry beans, soak it in advance and boil it in salted water.

Lenten borsch with millet

Borsch with millet is the most satisfying and thick recipe in my arsenal, despite the fact that it is lean. I do not cook it too often, but I still love it very much. On the one hand, it looks like a classic one, and on the other, with its own highlight. Try it yourself!

Borshchit gas station with cabbage in banks for the winter

Borshchit gas station greatly facilitates the process of cooking borsch. Having spent a little time in the fall, in winter you cook your favorite fragrant first dish in a matter of minutes. Open the jar, add to the finished broth and boil for 15 minutes. Your borsch is ready!

Vegetryan dishes from beets - recipes with photos (step by step)

The sweet taste of beautiful and fragrant dishes from beets are familiar to everyone. These are borscht, beets and vegetable soups, snacks, baked vegetables. Famous salads are prepared from it, like a herring under a fur coat or vinaigrette. The Persians began to grow root crops, and behind them - the Romans and the Turks. They came to us from Byzantium, but massively spread much later - to the 14th century.

Now all varieties can be divided into four large groups. Culinary uses a dining beet and its tops. Fodge is on livestock food, and sugar is obtained from sugar. The leaf is known by a different name - Mangold, and this is the ancestor of all other cultural species. Preparing dishes from beets for a long time. You need to cook or bake it for about an hour or more, depending on the size and variety. To be fried faster, she is cut into thin strips.

It is best to preserve the beneficial substances will help steamed - about 40 minutes. In stewed stew, it is laid at the very beginning, especially the old one. Beetroot goes well with potatoes, apples, cottage cheese, dried fruits and nuts.