Dishes with hop-sunels for vegeters

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Vegetarian pilaf

Are you planning an easy lunch or dinner? For this, vegetarian pilaf is well suited. The dish is prepared with steamed rice and a large number of different vegetables. And if you do not like the aroma of celery or garlic, just exclude them from the recipe!

Star in Georgian

The most kitchens of the world are in the most part of the world, because in fact it is just stew with vegetables. What could be simpler and more universal? I really love Georgian stew, because it turns out to be brighter, spicy and piquant. I tell you!

Harcho without meat

Diet and PP are not a reason to deny yourself gastronomic pleasures. I’ll tell you an interesting recipe, which, perhaps, you did not know about. So, today we prepare the Georgian soup of hard with meat - lean and less fat, but the same spicy and fragrant.

Classic tkemali from cherry plum for the winter

Georgian sauces are rightfully considered the most appetizing and saturated in the world. To prepare a delicious, sour Tkemali made of cherry plums with aromatic notes of spices, herbs and spices you can according to this simple recipe. The sauce is ideal for meat dishes and barbecue.

Georgian Phali with Greens

Phali from greenery instantly attract attention with one bright color. And thanks to nuts and spices in the composition, the taste is impressive no less. When serving, I prefer to decorate these Georgian balls with grenade grains.

Lobio in a pot

If you are tired by an endless cook of dry beans, try to bake it in pots. Firstly, this is faster, because in ceramics everything is baked evenly from different sides. Secondly, it is also tastier, because baked dishes always win the boots.

Beetroot Phali

Phali is the most popular Georgian snack that is preparing from simple ingredients. The main vegetable or herbs is taken, and its taste is complemented by nuts and spices. I share a great recipe for bright and spectacular Phali from beets!

Potato in a nervous pan

I don’t always want to turn on the oven, but your favorite potatoes can be prepared in a frying pan. It turns out to be just as tasty and with a beautiful blond crust. And whole cloves of garlic will give her a thinner and appetizing aroma!

Vegeterian dishes with hops-sunales-recipes with photos (step-by-step)

A huge and integral part of Georgian cuisine is dishes from a hop-sun. This is a traditional composite spice that gives the very recognizable aroma. It is popular in the entire Caucasian cuisine, as well as in certain regions of Asia. The composition includes many different ingredients - cilantro, infantry, basil, celery, dill, marjoran, mint, chamber, Imereta saffron, pepper and others.

Dishes with hops-Sunels are also good in that the composition of the spices can be adapted to specific tasks. A fragrant Georgian seasoning is added to almost all hot dishes. It is combined with meat, chicken, fish and vegetables. This is a mandatory component of Satsivi, soup-harcho, lobio and chakhokhbili. Home-sunels enters into spicy Caucasian sauces and blanks, including Tkemali and Adjika.

The seasoning will perfectly complement mushrooms, eggplant, tomatoes, beans and even cheese. The dishes are enough for a spoon of hop-sunels to completely transform the usual recipe. Add it at the very end of cooking, because during heat treatment it loses its properties!